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Assessment Dates – Blueprints and Volume Quiz

Theme park blueprints are due on Friday, May 10. You may begin handing them in now. Please be aware that if you do not hand the work in on Friday, I will provide time at Nutrition Breaks for you to complete your work. Volume Quiz Friday. Please make sure to complete your practice work and review the videos on Volume of Rectangular Prisms and Volume of Triangular Prisms

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Volume of a Rectangular Prism

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Volume of a Triangular Prism

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Minecraft for Learning?

Check out Brandon B’s Minecraft blueprint

Throughout our Imageneering project we have used a variety of strategies to help our theme park designs come to life. Now you will use an application to create an attraction that will give you multiple views. As seen in the Expedition Everest documentary, once artistic drawings and blueprints are finished the Imageneering team moves to a computer application to create more details.

Today you will be using Minecraft as your computer application for the design of your theme park. Most of you are familiar with the game of Minecraft, but today you are not using it as a game, you are using it as a learning tool to add another element to your theme parks.

Learning Goal: Use the application, Minecraft to create a 3-D prism design of your theme park.

Success Criteria: I can…

  • use Minecraft to create cubic prisms
  • work collaboratively with a friend to create a theme park design
  • use the application for learning purposes
  • use the application appropriately, by using a recognizable user name, creating an invisible world so that others may not alter your work and by not destroying other peoples work
  • create a screen shot so you can share your design
Have fun and enjoy your designing, you are truly on the path to becoming great Imagineers!


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