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Screencasting Project – What, Why’s and How’s

This week we are doing a screencasting project. We have been talking about why we are screencasting and how we are going to make screencasting work. Remember that our overall goal this year is to save, share and make our work engaging. Today we looked at a screencast I made with my daughter Grace and then generated a list of the what, why’s and how’s of screencasting. Below are a list of some of the things you came up with.

What is screencasting?

  • A way to capture video, pictures and our voices
  • A tutorial that shows how to do a strategy or key concept in math
  • A way to show us doing math

Why are we screencasting?

  • To share our work with our friends, kids in different schools and kids in different communities around the world
  • To help others and ourselves learn key math concepts and math strategies
  • Easy to access strategies at home or at school whenever you want especially when you forget something

How are we going to do a screencast?

  • Decide on a device that we want to use
  • Choose an app that we like, that is easy to save, share and allow us create work that is engaging
  • Decide on a key concept or strategy
  • Collaborate with a friend to make an engaging screencast
  • Share our screencast by embedding into our blogs, tweeting or linking it to our facebook page

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Crawford Lake Trip

Please make sure to bring in forms for our Crawford Lake trip. If you have lost your form please see me for another.

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Order of operations

Please check out the screencast on order of operations. Remember to do each expression one at a time! Reply below if you would like to see it done a different way.

Here’s another with brackets in the middle.

Another screencast for you.

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First Quiz!

Hey gang,

On Friday, September 27 we will be having our first quiz. It will be a short one, don’t worry. We are assessing ourselves to see if we understand the key learning of place value and order of operations. Over the next couple of days we will continue to practice our key learning. Look back at previous blog posts for assistance.

Everyone should be practicing their 12 x 12 times tables nightly. Our goal is to understand them by the end of the year.

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Kid Stars

Here’s a kid star that isn’t waiting until he gets older to show the world his talent. You have a special talent too, do you know what it is yet?


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Week of September 16-20

This week we have a few goals we are working toward…

  1. Our Key Concept of the week is understanding how the Order of Operations work in expressions
  2. The Big Question – This week I want you to ask yourself: “What is something I would like to be the first to discover or solve and how could math help me answer this question?” It’s time to inquire about problems we are interested in rather than just doing problems out of a text book. Come up with a Big Question and let’s try to answer it. This could take a day, a week or the entire year. Who is going to be the first to answer something big? Remember Einstein and Newton were in grade 7 once too, when did they begin to wonder? Don’t wait until you are an adult to do something special.
  3. Project – This week I’d like you to make a screen cast about a multiplication strategy we have been using in class. Use a device and post it to my blog or your blog.

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Looking For Donations

bean bag

Hey there folks. We are trying to make Mr. C’s Academy a more comfortable learning environment. We are in need of donations of bean bag chairs and area rugs so that students can have alternative work spaces in the classroom. If you can donate please reply at the bottom of the post.

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Mr. C Academy – Week 2

Welcome back from a hopefully restful weekend. At the beginning of each we will do a number of things.
1. We will set our Learning Goals for the week
2. We will have a circle where we will discuss our ‘brags’ and ‘drags’ from the weekend.

There are two Learning Goals this week:
1. Using mental math to learn our multiplication tables up to 12 x 12
2. Making Sense of Place Value by looking for patterns in numbers


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Cardinal Heights In The News

People all over Canada got to see how Cardinal Heights students take care of each other!

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How to Play Chess – Iron Chess Style

In the Academy chess is a very important part of problem solving. We call this variation of chess, Iron Chess! We use Iron Chess as a way to focus our minds and engage ourselves in becoming strong mathematical problem solvers. It may seem like a game, but it is a very effective way of training your brain to analyze different ways of solving the problem of check mating that pesky king.

Iron Chess Rules
1. Treat chess board and pieces with respect. Roll up the boards and count up the pieces before you put them away.
2. Play quietly, other people are thinking.
3. Don’t trash talk or boast it is not very nice!
4. If you are watching other players do not talk or make comments let them make their own decisions.
5. If there is a dispute see Mr. C so he can help.
6. Have fun, it’s a great way to do math without doing math!

If you don’t yet know how to play chess or need a refresher. Check the video out below.

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