Project Blue Sky

Welcome to our new project – ‘Project Blue Sky’. In this unit of study you will be incorporating all of our Learning Goals from Algebra, Measurement, Geometry and Probability into a final project that will have you creating your very own theme park, with your very own attractions, shows and restaurants.

The project is based on the renown Walt Disney World Imagineers Company, who create the most spectacular attractions in the world. We are going to spend sometime getting to know exactly how Imagineers use concepts of Math, Art, Language, Geography and History to create things that go beyond our imagination and materialize into reality.

You will have different tasks along the way. Your first task is to form Blue Sky groups and begin to ‘Blue Sky’ some ideas for your theme parks.

Blue sky – An innovative way to generate amazing ideas

Fantasyland – How do Imagineers collaborate with each other? How do their teams use traditional technology and new technology to make their Blue Sky ideas come to life? What types of technology will you use?

Imagineering Documentary – A history of Walt Disney World Imagineers

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