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Turf Touchdown – Adding Fractions

Here are two examples of how you could solve the turf problem.


Ticat Football Stadium Construction – Card 1

Field engineers are putting down turf at the new football stadium.
Day 1 the engineers put down 1/30 of the field

Day 2 the engineers put down 2/30

Day 3 1/5 of the field is put down

Day 4 the engineers put down 3/10 of the field

*Stop Construction

Have the engineers covered at least half the field? How do you know? Explain your thinking?

Ticat Football Stadium Construction – Card 2
Day 5 they put down 2/15

Day 6 they put down 1/6

*Stop Construction

How much of the field is left to cover? Explain your thinking.

What are some possible combinations for completing the work for day 7 and 8. Explain Your Thinking.

If they must complete the same amount of work on day 7 and 8, what fractional amount of turf will they put down each day? Explain Your Thinking.

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