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Voice Thread

Great job today everyone. Today we talked about Voice Thread which is an application found on our elearning space.

I challenge you tonight to give Voice Thread a try. Please post a comment on the post if you are able to download the app on your device or are able to access it through your desktop.

One hint… in order to link the app to your elearning account you need to go into your device settings. Hit Voice Thread and add a custom domain. Our custom domain is ”hwdsb.ed.”





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T-Shirt Logo Design

Me to We – “Be the Change”


Think back to your ONE VOICE Logo design. Today you will be taking your logo and slogan and creating a unique t-shirt that. Your T-Shirt must include

  • Personal Logo
  • Personal Slogan
  • A pictures of 3 things you like doing
  • A picture of a place you would like to visit
  • Write something you want to make possible this year (i.e., run 1KM without stopping.


Create a t-shirt and logo for our class. Remember our slogan: Mr. C’s 6/7 Academy – Making the Impossible, Possible!

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Dr. Evil and Place Value

Dr. Evil, from Austin Powers, is holding the world at ransom. He keeps asking world leaders to pay him valuable amounts of money. Why are the world leaders laughing at him? How does this relate to place value?

Place Value Key Learning from yesterday:

When writing a number…

  • Begin at the right and then move left
  • Every third number should have a space between it and the next…                                                                                                                      84 123 456
  • Each group of three has a value… 84 has a million value, 123 has a thousand value and 346 has a hundred value
  • You can use expanded form to find the value of individual digits… 64 234 is really 60 000 + 4000+200+30+4


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Health Title page

Due Tuesday

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Signing In To School Connect Accounts

I know there has been some difficulty signing up for your school accounts, but at home tonight could you please try to change your passwords and complete the security questions. Your password must have a number and be 8 characters in length. Don’t forget to go to the google apps link to link google drive. Ask your parents to help. Watch the video below for tips on safe passwords.

Go to:

For step by step help go to the link:


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Logo and Slogan Assignment

Today you had a chance to create a group logo and slogan. Tonight I’d like you to think about a personal logo that you will design tomorrow.

Remember our success criteria…

Here are some of the things you should think about when creating a personal logo and slogan…

  • create a central theme or big idea about myself
  • communicate my point of view
  • share with my class what I’m all about
  • help others understand who I am


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Daily 5

daily 5

The daily five is our way to generate ideas. Some of these ideas we may use, some of these ideas will never take flight. It takes a while to get your brain moving. Let your thoughts flow. Take a risk by jotting down your ideas – and you don’t have to stop at five.

How to set it up your Daily 5

1. Get out your journal

2. Title: Daily 5

3. Today’s Date: Wed, Sept 3, 2014

4. Daily Five Topic: Come up with 5 new apps

5. Daily Five Topic: Come up with 5 things to be grateful for

6. Write a fake tweet about one of the ideas you came up with

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Turf Touchdown

Tim Horton’s Field was opened on Labor Day. How long did it take them to put down the turf?


Go Cats!


Ticat Football Stadium Construction – Card 1


Field engineers are putting down turf at the new football stadium.
Day 1 the engineers put down 1/30 of the field


Day 2 the engineers put down 2/30


Day 3 1/5 of the field is put down


Day 4 the engineers put down 3/10 of the field


*Stop Construction


Have the engineers covered at least half the field? How do you know? Explain your thinking?


Ticat Football Stadium Construction – Card 2
Day 5 they put down 2/15


Day 6 they put down 1/6


*Stop Construction


How much of the field is left to cover? Explain your thinking.


What are some possible combinations for completing the work for day 7 and 8. Explain Your Thinking.


If they must complete the same amount of work on day 7 and 8, what fractional amount of turf will they put down each day? Explain Your Thinking.



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