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Our overall task:
Over the next few weeks we are going to look at the events of our lives and write interesting memoirs about ourselves. We will also look at some memoirs created by other people to learn how to take our stories and make them interesting for all to read.

Today’s task is to read the memoir “The Meaning of Freedom to My Family” by Phuong, a Grade 7 student.

Learning Goal:
We are learning how to organize our memoirs into multiple paragraphs

Success Criteria:
I can use a ‘personal memoir organizer’ to organize the paragraphs of my memoir

Please review the Voice Thread and provide feedback based on the ‘sharing norms’ we have discussed in class.

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Increasing Patterns and Algebra

Today we are demonstrating how a pattern grows. We have been using t-tables in class, but is there a way to determine how a pattern grows without using a t-table?

Our Learning Goals
We are learning…
– how to make a table of values for growing patterns
– to demonstrate how variables and constants are used

Have a look at our tutorial on t-tables





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Reading Buddies

This month in our grade 6/7 class we have been increasing our reading fluency skills by reading with expression and confidence to Ms. Langs and Ms. Hayes’s JK/SK class.

We have also been building our leadership skills by helping our friends to reach their Learning Goals and by modelling elements of good citizenship to our reading buddies




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1812 and the Niagara Peninsula

What a day we had today. A special thanks to Mr. Pheasant for coming in to give us a first hand account of the First Nations perspective and our collective histories. Over the next few weeks we are going to be going back in time to immerse ourselves in how life would have been during the War of 1812 in the Niagara Peninsula. What would it have been like to be a young person in Winona during the period of the early 1800s?

Please review our talk that we had today. Pay particular attention to the question: What perspective are we missing when we talk about history? As a historian, who can we fill in the gaps of the missing historical perspectives?

Please take a look at the youtube video and slide show below.




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Algebra – Table of Values

Thanks Petar and Nathan for sharing your response of the following problem…

Bryson’s Fish tank is leaking at 6 PM there are 24 L of water in the tank. At 7 PM there are 20 L and it 8 PM there are 16 L.

How many liters of water leak out each hour? How many readers will be left in the tank at 10 PM? how many hours will it take for all of the water to leak out?

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Growth Mindset

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Patterning tutorial

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Science Inquiry

Grade 7
Task: Use a chocolate chip cookie and Popsicle sticks to dissect and investigate the components that make up an entire cookie.

Learning Goal: Investigate the properties and applications of pure substances and mixtures

Grade 6
Task: Use potatoes, lemons and oranges to see if you can make a working clock
Learning Goal: Investigate the characteristics of static and current electricity and construct a simple circuit.








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Inquiry Art Projects

If you are given access to a personal device could you come up with an idea for your very own art project?





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The War of 1812 – Niagara Peninsula

I ran in to two 1812 war heroes today.


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