Blue Print Design Task #1 – Create a Character

Task #1 – Create a character
This task is leading up to creating your very own blue print designs. Today you will create a cartoon character blue print that you could either build a model of or digitize. You will need to evidence your work by sharing a picture on this post or putting the picture on your own blog. Please share your link with me.

Learning Goal
I am learning how to…
-construct, lines and shapes such as triangles and rectangular prisms
-communicate and share my mathematical thinking with a larger audience using available technologies

Success Criteria
I can…
-use graph paper
-use a protractor
-use a variety of obtuse, acute and right angles
-be precise by only using angles on the tens, 45 degree angles and 135 degree angles
-measure and label all angles
-have a friend use a protractor to show that all of my angles are precise and correct.

Here are some examples in progress. Identify the success criteria that is evident.






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