About Mr. C

About Mr. C

My Name is Jeff Child. I have been called a variety of names in the classroom but most of the students I work with call me Mr. C. I’ve been a teacher since 2001 and have taught in Secondary and Elementary schools with the Toronto, Niagara and Hamilton Boards of Education. I have taught in a variety of classrooms from Kindergarten right up to Grade 12.

When I am not in teaching I spend my time with my wife Lyndsay and my daughters Grace and Charlotte. I live in St. Catharines, Ontario. My family and I like to go spelunking (a word that means cave exploration), well we don’t literally explore caves that’s just our word for driving around and fearlessly exploring new places and meeting new people.

When I have a moment to get off on my own I usually can be found on my road bike or hiking in Short Hills Provincial Park. I love to watch the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Toronto Maple Leafs (when they are winning). I like to sit on my porch while listening to the Rolling Stones and reading good books. I’m also known for playing really bad guitar!

I believe that you are all brilliant individuals and if given the chance you can achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. My role in the classroom is to help you see that you have the potential to be whatever you want to be. Sometimes young people don’t believe that they have infinite potential – give me a chance to show you that you do!


Mr. C


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  1. Blair McLaughlin

    Good morning Mr. C. On this rainy Friday morning, I have found myself exploring your website. Your web design and student engaging activities are excellent. I have taught in the Waterloo Board for the past 18 years and am moving from primary to intermediate Math for September. Your website has given me a springboard to developing my program for the fall.

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