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Finding Algebraic Expressions

Make sure to go over these tutorials to study for tomorrow’s quiz on Algebraic Expressions, T-tables and Linear Graphs.

Please enjoy Maddy’s tutorial on how to use a t-table to find an expression for an increasing pattern.

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Increasing Patterns and Algebra

Today we are demonstrating how a pattern grows. We have been using t-tables in class, but is there a way to determine how a pattern grows without using a t-table?

Our Learning Goals
We are learning…
– how to make a table of values for growing patterns
– to demonstrate how variables and constants are used

Have a look at our tutorial on t-tables





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Algebra – Table of Values

Thanks Petar and Nathan for sharing your response of the following problem…

Bryson’s Fish tank is leaking at 6 PM there are 24 L of water in the tank. At 7 PM there are 20 L and it 8 PM there are 16 L.

How many liters of water leak out each hour? How many readers will be left in the tank at 10 PM? how many hours will it take for all of the water to leak out?

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Patterning and Algebra

Today we begin our Patterning and Algebra Unit. Patterns exist everywhere in our world. In fact Math was invented as a way for people to explain the patterns they saw in nature.

Take a look at the video. What patterns do you see? How could we use math to explain these patterns?

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Help Molly Out!

My friend Molly in St. Catharines sent me this problem. It is very similar to Pascal’s Triangle. If you can solve the problem please send me a screencast link to help her out.


Here’s Steven T’s thoughts on your triangle pattern Molly. Thanks for helping Steven!

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Quiz-Patterning and Algebra, Monday, December 2

The quiz is postponed until Monday due to Anti-Bullying Day.
There will be a short quiz on the learning goals that we have been working on in class. Today and tomorrow we will work on a review

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Algebra Show and Share

grey cup

Today we are going to capture and share our learning about algebraic expressions. Here is your task:

In honour of the Hamilton Ticats and the Grey Cup experience, Cardinal Heights is going to set-up a flag football tournament at McMaster University. It cost costs a flat fee of 200 dollars to rent the stadium and 50 dollars extra each hour. Write and solve an expression for the total cost to rent the stadium for, 2, 3, 4 and 5 hours. If we have 500 dollars to spend what is the maximum number of hours we can rent the stadium for?

Before beginning please check the learning goals and success criteria so you can do your best on this task.

Learning Goal:
-We are learning how to use variables and constants in algebraic expressions
-We are learning how to communicate and share our mathematical thinking

Success Criteria:
-I can represent an unknown number or a variable with a letter
-I can recognize that a flat rate is a constant number
-I can create an algebraic expression with a variable and a constant
-I can use a t-chart to show a constant rate
-I can use a device (ipad or laptop) to show my thinking
-I can post my work to my blog

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Patterning and Algebra Quiz

test charlie brown

It’s quiz time again. Do you ever get a test and freeze up? Do you ever get a quiz and think, “man, I don’t remember learning that!” Well here is your chance to teach the teacher.

You are going to create your very own quiz based on the learning goals of extending patterns and describing patterns.

1. Make a 3 page, 5 question quiz

2. First page: you need to outline our two learning goals and have success criteria that will help you achieve those goals so that we can highlight what we are progressing well with and what we are having difficulty with

3. Second page: you need to have your five questions. Three questions should be on extending patterns and 2 should be on describing patterns. You can use your independent work as a guide, but have to have original questions

4. Third Page: you need an answer key so that you can assess the work quiz

5. You may create the test with pencil and paper or use google drive

6. Share your test and have a friend complete it

7. Assess the test and share the results with me!

Have fun Teach!

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Problem of the Week: Pascal’s Triangle


At the age of 13 a young Frenchman named Blaise Pascal was sitting around his house one day. He didn’t have an iphone, he didn’t have a computer, he didn’t have an xbox, he only had his mind and a pencil. Can you continue Pascal’s Triangle? What patterns do you notice? With an elbow use a piece of newsprint to show your thinking.

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Patterning and Algebra – Mobius Strips

Let’s bend our minds and our paper. A mobius strip is a simple object made with a piece of paper and tape. Most of us can take a strip of paper and tape it together to look like a band, but what makes a mobius strip of paper? A mobius strip is a surface with only one side. With a simple twist of the paper an ant could travel around both sides of the entire strip of paper without ever having to cross over an edge.

Try it! If you have a length of paper taped together you have two sides – an inside and an outside. Try making a mobius strip by turning your paper with a quarter turn. If you trace your finger along the edge, you finger shouldn’t have to leave the strip, giving the strip one side. What happens if you twist your paper twice? What result would you get if you twisted your paper 99 times? Give it a try.



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