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Creating A Survey

Today we are learning how to create a survey. To create a survey we have to ask a question that we would like to collect data for. When creating a survey question we have to ask three things:

1. Is the question useful?

2. Who is the question useful to?

3. Is the question ethical?

Look at my survey question and answer the above three questions in your groups so that we may have a class discussion.


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Data Management

We will be spending most of our time in class up until the Christmas Break working on the following learning goals:

We are learning…

  • how to create survey questions
  • how to collect data
  • how to graph data
  • how to use central tendency (mean, median and mode) to analyze our data
  • how to communicate our mathematical thinking

My question today is, what is the main use of the internet for grade 7 students? What question are you interested in collecting data for?

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