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Blueprint Extensions

If we look at the Learning Spectrum, in the Exploring Stage, we recognize that we are at the beginning stages of learning the success criteria and benchmarks for angles. In the Standard Stage, we recognize that we have learned and demonstrated all of the requirements and success criteria for the task. In the Extending Stage, we recognize we can extend our learning by adding our own appropriate success criteria to the task.

Take a look at how the blueprint below went from the Standard Stage to the Extending Stage. What is the new Success Criteria that has been demonstrated.



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Blue Print Design Task #1 – Create a Character

Task #1 – Create a character
This task is leading up to creating your very own blue print designs. Today you will create a cartoon character blue print that you could either build a model of or digitize. You will need to evidence your work by sharing a picture on this post or putting the picture on your own blog. Please share your link with me.

Learning Goal
I am learning how to…
-construct, lines and shapes such as triangles and rectangular prisms
-communicate and share my mathematical thinking with a larger audience using available technologies

Success Criteria
I can…
-use graph paper
-use a protractor
-use a variety of obtuse, acute and right angles
-be precise by only using angles on the tens, 45 degree angles and 135 degree angles
-measure and label all angles
-have a friend use a protractor to show that all of my angles are precise and correct.

Here are some examples in progress. Identify the success criteria that is evident.






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Introduction to Geometry

Today we will be reviewing how to use a protractor. Take a look at the video below for a review before we begin our task for the day. You will need a pencil, a ruler and a protractor.

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Project Blue Sky

Welcome to our new project – ‘Project Blue Sky’. In this unit of study you will be incorporating all of our Learning Goals from Algebra, Measurement, Geometry and Probability into a final project that will have you creating your very own theme park, with your very own attractions, shows and restaurants.

The project is based on the renown Walt Disney World Imagineers Company, who create the most spectacular attractions in the world. We are going to spend sometime getting to know exactly how Imagineers use concepts of Math, Art, Language, Geography and History to create things that go beyond our imagination and materialize into reality.

You will have different tasks along the way. Your first task is to form Blue Sky groups and begin to ‘Blue Sky’ some ideas for your theme parks.

Blue sky – An innovative way to generate amazing ideas

Fantasyland – How do Imagineers collaborate with each other? How do their teams use traditional technology and new technology to make their Blue Sky ideas come to life? What types of technology will you use?

Imagineering Documentary – A history of Walt Disney World Imagineers

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Volume of a Triangular Prism

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Geometry – How To Use A Protractor

This week in Geometry we will continue to look at Lines, Angles and Shapes.

By the end of the week you will be able to say… I am able to construct lines, angles and triangles! To achieve this goal I can…

  • use the benchmarks – acute, obtuse, right and straight angles to estimate and determine an angle 
  • use a protractor to measure and construct angles from 0 degrees to 180 degrees.
  • use my favorite geometry app to construct lines angles and triangles

We will be having a short quiz on Wednesday to see if we are reaching our goals!

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