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Chess Tournament 2015

Congratulations to all of the chess participants at HWDSB hosted by Dundas Central and tournament organizer Mr. Rob Bell. We are so lucky at HWDSB to have such diverse competitive interscholastic programs. 

It was a pleasure to catch up with my former team, Cardinal Heights. Congratulations to Idriss Benis who will play a round robin tournament later next week to decide the top three finishers. 

The Winona Wildcats had a tremendous day. We had two top Twenty finishers: Shayan Saggu and Petar Klisuric. We had many other players the moved deep into the playoff rounds. Many of our players are in the junior grades and are looking forward to many more years of competition. Congratulations to all of the Winona Wildcat Iron Chess members. 





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Mr. C Academy Chess Tournament

We have been busy learning chess as a way to enhance our problem solving skills in math. There has been some research into how chess can improve problem solving in a variety of areas, particularly in math. Every week Mrs. Crompton comes into our math class to set up a chess tournament for us. Not only are we learning important problem solving skills we are having fun too!

Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3


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Steven T. Has Defeated Mr. C in Chess!

Congratulations to Steven T. He is the first student to be admitted to the Iron Chess Hall of Fame in over 3 years! I am humbled. Nice Job Steven!

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Steven Is Close To The Iron Chess Hall Of Fame

Steven and I have been playing this game since June of last year. Although we never finished, it appears that I’m the one that’s almost finished. Steven is in the white and I am in the black. Can you finish me off Steven?

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Girls Iron Chess

Girls Iron Chess has begun! Any grade 6, 7, 8 girls interested in playing should come to room 9 on day 1 at first nutrition break. Bring your snacks.


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Iron Chess Club Starts On Day 5 Nutrition Break 1


Iron Chess is back in action. Today we started getting our teams together. Please come up with an appropriate team name. Leave a reply with you team name and the members of the team so I can input the names on to our ranking list.

Iron Chess Etiquette

1. White always moves first. Use rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes first
2. Once you take your hand off a piece that you’ve moved, you can not take the move back
3. Be patient and allow people to think through their moves no talking or taunting
4. If you are watching a game you must remain silent, no suggesting moves
5. Respect your opponent whether you win or lose, each game should end with a hand shake or a “thank you, well-played”
6. All boards and pieces should be put back properly
7. If you run out of time you must use the chess points system as seen below

Chess Piece Value


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How to Play Chess – Iron Chess Style

In the Academy chess is a very important part of problem solving. We call this variation of chess, Iron Chess! We use Iron Chess as a way to focus our minds and engage ourselves in becoming strong mathematical problem solvers. It may seem like a game, but it is a very effective way of training your brain to analyze different ways of solving the problem of check mating that pesky king.

Iron Chess Rules
1. Treat chess board and pieces with respect. Roll up the boards and count up the pieces before you put them away.
2. Play quietly, other people are thinking.
3. Don’t trash talk or boast it is not very nice!
4. If you are watching other players do not talk or make comments let them make their own decisions.
5. If there is a dispute see Mr. C so he can help.
6. Have fun, it’s a great way to do math without doing math!

If you don’t yet know how to play chess or need a refresher. Check the video out below.

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Can Chess Help Me Become Better At Math?

In class we have been playing a lot of chess. Anytime we are finished our work for the day, away go the pencils and note books and out come the checkered boards. At first, many of you didn’t know how to play chess at all, but very quickly you have learned the moves and the strategy behind the game.

Have you every asked the question, what does chess have to do with math? Just like Math, chess requires the ability to problem solve. In Math you learn formulas and steps, in chess you learn the moves of each piece – these things do not change and are constant; however, even though we may memorize our formulas or chess moves, outcomes are always changing and our brains have to adapt to a real-life math problem you’ve never encountered before or a chess move you have never seen.

What do you think of Chess, do you think it will help you with your Math skills? Parents, here is a link to a great article about the benefits of chess for students.

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