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Fractions – Comparing Fractions

Here is a quick video on how to compare unlike fractions.

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Greatest Common Factor, Lowest Common Multiple, Square Roots

Here are our goals and the criteria we can use to achieve our goals when we are working with factors, multiples and square roots.

Learning goals

  • We are learning how to generate factors and multiples
  • We are learning to identify Lowest Common Multiple and Greatest Common factor and apply our knowledge to real life problems
  • We are learning how to represent perfect squares and square roots
  • We are learning how to represent our ideas graphically
  • We are learning to communicate and share our mathematical thinking by verbally presenting or screencasting our ideas

Success Criteria

  • I can understand the difference between multiples and factors
  • I can define multiples, factors, prime numbers, composite numbers, Lowest Common Multiple (LCM), Greatest Common Factor (GCF), perfect square, square root
  • I can mentally skip count find multiples and factors
  • I can use 100s chart to help me skip count multiples that are difficult to do in my head
  • I can use 12×12 charts to help me generate factors and multiples
  • I can use a calculator or a device to help me generate multiples, factors and square roots
  • I can use blocks and grid paper to represent perfect squares and square roots.

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Dr. Evil and Place Value

Dr. Evil, from Austin Powers, is holding the world at ransom. He keeps asking world leaders to pay him valuable amounts of money. Why are the world leaders laughing at him? How does this relate to place value?

Place Value Key Learning from yesterday:

When writing a number…

  • Begin at the right and then move left
  • Every third number should have a space between it and the next…                                                                                                                      84 123 456
  • Each group of three has a value… 84 has a million value, 123 has a thousand value and 346 has a hundred value
  • You can use expanded form to find the value of individual digits… 64 234 is really 60 000 + 4000+200+30+4


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Turf Touchdown – Adding Fractions

Here are two examples of how you could solve the turf problem.


Ticat Football Stadium Construction – Card 1

Field engineers are putting down turf at the new football stadium.
Day 1 the engineers put down 1/30 of the field

Day 2 the engineers put down 2/30

Day 3 1/5 of the field is put down

Day 4 the engineers put down 3/10 of the field

*Stop Construction

Have the engineers covered at least half the field? How do you know? Explain your thinking?

Ticat Football Stadium Construction – Card 2
Day 5 they put down 2/15

Day 6 they put down 1/6

*Stop Construction

How much of the field is left to cover? Explain your thinking.

What are some possible combinations for completing the work for day 7 and 8. Explain Your Thinking.

If they must complete the same amount of work on day 7 and 8, what fractional amount of turf will they put down each day? Explain Your Thinking.

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Fraction Flags

Take a look at the slide show for the task instructions.

Thanks everyone for working so hard on your first voice thread task. I will be sending feedback to all of you shortly. Please provide feedback to your friends as well.

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McDonald’s Manager – How Multiples Work In The Real World

This week our goal is to be comfortable generating Multiples and Factors and identifying Lowest Common Multiples and Greatest Common Factors. Sometimes we get caught up in the numbers and forget that some of the concepts we are learning have real life applications. Over the next few days you will be applying our success criteria to a problem and presenting your findings to the class. Please feel free to add success criteria at the bottom of the post if you find any other strategies that work. Remember our success criteria that we created from last class.

When finding the LCM or GCF, I can…

  • Skip count mentally or use my fingers to find multiples or factors
  • I can use a 12×12 chart to find factors of a product or the multiples of a number
  • I can use a 100’s chart to generate multiples or see where multiples overlap
  • I can use a device, Siri or Google to check that my multiples and factors are correct
  • I can use my favorite multiplication strategy to find factors
  • I can a calculator to find multiples and factors

The Problem

Hakeem, Belinda and Ravneet work part-time at McDonald’s on Upper Wentworth. They like to drive to work together. Hakeem works every second day. Belinda works every third day. Ravneet works every fourth day. Today they worked together. When will they work together again? Could you predict all the times they will work with each other in the next two months? Please find a way to show us when they can car pool. You may use devices and success criteria to come up with a response. You must decide on a way to present your findings to the class.



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Order of operations

Please check out the screencast on order of operations. Remember to do each expression one at a time! Reply below if you would like to see it done a different way.

Here’s another with brackets in the middle.

Another screencast for you.

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Integers Slide Show

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