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Welcome Back

Welcome back gang! If you have a tablet or a laptop please access todays blog post.

Four Corners Name Tag

Four Corners Name Tag

Begin with your for corners name tag.
This isn’t a regular name tag. You need to use your name tag to tell us something about yourself.
1. Write your name in the middle of the name tag
2. In each corner draw or write a few words to describe: A) your hobby, B) something you did over the holiday, C) your favorite food, D) Wild Card – anything you want to tell the world.
3. Be prepared to talk to your elbow partner.

When you are finished browse the slide show.


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Signing In To School Connect Accounts

I know there has been some difficulty signing up for your school accounts, but at home tonight could you please try to change your passwords and complete the security questions. Your password must have a number and be 8 characters in length. Don’t forget to go to the google apps link to link google drive. Ask your parents to help. Watch the video below for tips on safe passwords.

Go to:

For step by step help go to the link:


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Technology In Schools

This year one of our goals in Mr. C’s Math Academy is to communicate and share our mathematical thinking using available technologies. As we move past the halfway point in the year I would like to ask parents for feedback on the use of technology in the classroom. If there are any questions or thoughts please send them to me so that I can post your comments to create and ongoing dialogue.

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Tools of the Math Trade

In the Math Academy we are starting to use some new tools for math. While we still use the industry standard number two pencil and lined paper, there are some new tools that are being used in the classroom.  Students have been asking me to post about some of the tools in hopes that they might receive some in their stockings this holiday season. Besides pencil and paper her are a few items I think may be helpful for the 21st century math whiz.

1. A calculator

Each student should have their own scientific calculator. As students move from grade 7 to grade 8 they need a calculator that has different functions such, as square root, exponent and pi buttons. Basic scientific calculators  are available from staples at $10.96.

Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator

2. Earbuds with a microphone

Earbuds are not just for listening to music anymore. In class students are creating screencasts about their learning and sharing with other students. Earbuds with microphones give students an opportunity to record their thinking and listen to the playback without being disturbed. I use Apple earbuds, but any earbuds with a microphone will do.

3. A stylus pen

A stylus pen works just like a pen, but captures your pen strokes digitally on an iPad. You can use your finger when writing on an iPad, but a stylus mimicks the way you would write with an actual pen. Working with a stylus can make your digital work neater. Stylus pens can be found for $10.00 at most office supply stores.


4. iPad
At Cardinal Heights we are up to about 80 iPads school wide. We try to make iPads available whenever students require them; however,  some students have opted to bring their own iPads from home. Having your own iPad is not a necessity, but if you want to send your child with their own tablet I do support it. But, please make sure you have a proper case and that your child always has it in a locked, locker when not in use.


As always I open to your thoughts about new tools for math. If you have any other ideas, please send them my way and I will post them.

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Parent-Teacher Conferences


Thanks everyone for stopping by. A number of parents have asked me in the past what they can do at home to help their son or daughter with math. Here are some quick tips:

1. Have your child show you the Math Academy Website once a week. Often there are tutorials that your child can review and you will get a sneak preview of what we do in class.

2. Contact me by leaving a reply on the website if you notice your child is having difficulty. Often times students are too nervous to ask for help. If you let me know they are having difficulty I will intervene right away.

3. Be patient.I believe all students have the capacity to do well at math. Sometimes it takes a lot of practice before becoming proficient in math. If you notice your child is struggling, but they are working hard to complete all of their work continue to encourage them throughout the year. I’m sure you will begin to see improvements

4. If you are looking for your child to have extra practice under your supervision one of the best at home math tools is JUMP math. I use many of the JUMP concepts in my own class and in my own home. You can order JUMP material at their website.

It is always a pleasure to continue an ongoing relationship with each one of you.

All the best,

Jeff Child

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Looking For Donations

bean bag

Hey there folks. We are trying to make Mr. C’s Academy a more comfortable learning environment. We are in need of donations of bean bag chairs and area rugs so that students can have alternative work spaces in the classroom. If you can donate please reply at the bottom of the post.

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